Agent primer

Welcome to the Hoffman Institute.

Part of the Institute’s goals to advance mankind involve the study, and development, of latent psychic powers and their possible genetic or environmental causes.

Thankyou for choosing to become an Indigo agent; for allowing us to study your powers as they develop, and use the results of that study to develop others’. Together we can achieve so much more.

You’re probably overwhelmed, or likely to be overwhelmed, by the sheer amount of information in the Institute’s archives. Here is what, as an agent, you need to know (based on your security clearance and department).

All the resources available to you on the secure intranet are specific to you and your team – overwhelming our agents with irrelevant data has been shown to reduce their focus by up to 84%. You will be granted access to other intel as and when it is needed.

As an Indigo agent you will be aware that powers exist beyond conventional human knowledge, it is vital that you keep an open mind as you play your part in the advancement of humanity – were we to close our eyes to the possibilities of alien technology or supernatural forces we would swiftly fall behind the other Illuminati groups and be left in the dark. Through the Indigo recruitment program we currently lead the field in psychic research where others have been held back by scepticism and closed-mindedness. The majority of rumours you hear may be hogwash, but overlooking a grain of truth may have serious consequences for all of mankind.

Indigo agents are selected from all walks of life for their skills and demonstrated prowess as well as their powers. As you will know, the selection process includes detailed physical and psychometric testing and we encourage agents to develop a broad skill set. Teams are assigned missions based on these skills and supported by other departments – just as your work is vital to support them.

We would suggest all agents gain a modicum of skill in the following areas:

Familiarise yourself with the information available to you via the intranet. It may save your life, and those of your team.

Agent primer

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