Institute departments:

Red section provides and oversees the Institute’s vital core research into new technologies and the enhancement of ancient or existing technologies, biomedical and sciences, and pushing the boundaries of human mental and physical capability.

Orange and Yellow departments concern themselves with the acquisition, allocation, and managenent of finance and resources respectively.

Green agents are skilled beaurocrats, working alongside, within, or around governments and major organisations to further the Institute’s goals.

Blue section provides administrative and field support to the other departments as required. As such, most interdepartmental communication naturally flows through them too.

Indigo agents are selected from all walks of life for their psychic gifts. They work undercover in the field, locating and collecting data and resources and interacting with the public as well as representatives of other agencies.

Violet agents are soldiers, including special ops teams, providing military intel and security to the Institute and often working together on opposite sides of warzones to a common goal. Sometimes there is no other solution than the use of force to achieve our aims.


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